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In this interview Brian Eno speaks among other things (recording in Mali, his records with Karl Hyde and his sound installation in Sweden) about poverty and Unconditional Basic Income.

The basic idea is that it is hard to be creative if you have not got at least some security, and the idea of basic minimum income is to give everybody some money every week.

„Basic income is a great idea! I like the idea that it says: We believe that all people are potentially creative and they should be given the chance to express that.“ (Brian Eno)

Would it mean we got a lot of lazy crap art, or would it give the people whose main goal are not profit a chance to develop and flourish?

Both I guess, but I think what is good would still find its way. A lot of good music has been created in this music business – where the artists are not the ones necessarily getting the best parts of the economic deal.
You can read more about unconditional basic income here
You can listen to the interview here
(And as bonus track I throw in a short speech by Ursula Le Guinn here)

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