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2013 4 Okt

Stachel der Frist

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„Seven days“ was all she wrote, a kind of ultimatum note … – so beginnt ein Song im Fünfvierteltakt aus dem Album Ten Summoner´s Tales von Sting. Dem wird eine Frist gesetzt, in der er sich entscheiden soll. Denn da ist eine Frau, die einen Heiratsantrag erwartet und da ist auch ein Konkurrent, mit weniger IQ als der Ex-Policeman zwar, doch von beeindruckend muskulöser und testosteron-hormoneller Präsenz. Ein Song, der von den Leiden der Liebe handelt, aber auch von einer ganz anderen Obsession: die drohende deadline verursacht Unbehagen und hat eine Kaskade von Ersatzhandlungen zur Folge, mit dem Zweck, den erforderlichen Abschlüssen und Entscheidungen aus dem Weg zu gehen.


„Monday, I could wait till Tuesday,
If I make up my mind,
Wednesday would be fine, Thursday’s on my mind,
Friday’d give me time, Saturday could wait,
But Sunday’d be too late …“

Montag – ich könnte auch bis Dienstag warten.
Wenn ich mir´s so recht überlege,
wäre Mittwoch gut. Donnerstag kommt mir in den Sinn,
Freitag würde mir noch Zeit geben. Samstag fällt aus –
doch Sonntag wäre schon zu spät.

„Seven Days“ (Cover)

2013 31 Mai


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Stay still, be still | No wonder you are always lost | As a messenger you must be known | With messages you must return | To be seen by demanding hands | Blonde Readhead | And touches of jealous men | Invisible, unforgivable | To all their secret ends | Be it so be quick | Don´t run just walk and walk and walk | Don´t lose yourself to decorate | Somewhere on your wall | Cause somewhere in your mind | You know you are doing fine | David Sylvian | Holding secret hair locks | You’ll pluck before you hide | So how can I keep anything to myself | So how can I keep any of those things … | Behind these clouds | I´m almost home.

2013 9 Mai

Favorite Females

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This spring | holds a killer her in her claws  | she comes up with the river that climbs the mountainside | if she climbs up the ribs, climbs up the lips | with a swing in her hips. | The spring time, the spring time is here  | it sprung from my … the light in … | so there’s … | my heart is a beak and a mouth that sings | hey what do you see, hey what do you hear | the sound of the sea  | or the sound of your heart heart heart heart heart  | nervous, nervous, nervous instead | The water, the water the waves |  release her, release her from me. | Are you counting yourself  | the spring, spring  | I cover my ears,  | and open my mouth | the depth seeps into my bones  | like it’s floating in salt water | water |  When I slip into the water | covered by the gentle wave,  I follow a trail of secrets  | patterned light passes right through you  | Driftwood town but lips and salt lake a black vegetable soup of hair and teeth  | I run out to you |  I run out to them | I run out of bullets | I run out of you  | I run out of you 


„Mephisto in the Water“, sung and written by Jenny Hval from her nicely titled album Innocence is Kinky. Well, indeed it is – and if Ms. Hval was my favorite female singer, then Ms. Berg would be my favorite female writer. Ask Frau Sibylle!


2013 12 Jan

Villagers: Nothing Arrived

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Savanna scatters and the seabird sings
So why should we fear what travel brings?
What were we hoping to get out of this?
Some kind of momentary bliss?

I waited for Something, and Something died
So I waited for Nothing, and Nothing arrived
It’s our dearest ally, it’s our closest friend
It’s our darkest blackout, it’s our final end
My dear sweet Nothing, let’s start a new
From here all in is just me and you

I waited for Something and Something died
So I waited for Nothing, and Nothing arrived
Well I guess it’s over, I guess it’s begun
It’s a losers‘ table, but we’ve already won
It’s a funny battle, it’s a constant game
I guess I was busy when Nothing came

I guess I was busy (when Nothing arrived) …

I waited for Something and Something died
So I waited for Nothing, and Nothing arrived …


„The first pop songwriter I was obsessed with was Ray Davies but that was when I was very young. I used to steal my older’s sister Walkman and secretly listen to Lola. I sang it all day, every day, not knowing that it was about a transsexual, so everyone was laughing. Later on I got into Bob Dylan, and it was Dylan who made me realise that you could just lose your mind a little bit, and sometimes when you’re adventurous and you have that spirit in you something quite fundamental comes out.“ (Conor O’Brien)

2012 18 Dez

Shearwater – „Run The Banner Down“

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Ein verwundetes Tier ist auf der Flucht durch magische Welten (a mountain moves), erzählt wird auch von zerbrochener Liebe (where your image is frozen) – mein Lieblingssong des Jahres 2012 stammt aus dem Album ANIMAL JOY, von der texanischen Band Shearwater um den Sänger Jonathan Meiburg. Sensibles Akustikgitarrenspiel, dezente Perkussion und ein melancholischer Gesang prägen dieses Lied. Die Akkorde schmiegen sich dem Versmass an – es ist im Folgenden notiert, wie unsereins es hört (klein h ist moll, Groß A ist Dur). Ein Cover habe ich mir gegönnt, denn es macht Spass, dies Lied zu spielen und zu verinnerlichen: incognito und biermannesk (zwischen Melodie und Begleitung springend, dabei den Rhythmus variierend), im Gegensatz zum Barden-Wolf jedoch nicht sotto sondern sine voce: the solitude guitar.

Prelude: (h / / /) h / / / A / / / G / e / C / / /
Run the banner down h / / /
And hide in the broken palms A / / /
Til out of the blackness comes G / e /
A point of starry light C / / /

And a mountain moves h / / /
And the pressure drops A / / /
Snow on your open palms G / e /
Under a northern star C / / /

Leave the tape unwound D /
And the film unthreaded H7 /
e D  C / / /

In the summer rain h / / /
Where your image is frozen A / / /
And thrown into the lake G / e /
Where your words rebound C / / /

With the way laid out D /
And your hands on my shoulders H7 /
e / / / F / / /

Open your mouth e / / /
Close your eyes F / / /
Open your mouth G  / / / G / / /
A / / / A / / / A / / / A / / /

Shearwater – „Run The Banner Down“ 

We were riding on a desert wind
We were pulling in the spiritual
Riding on the desert wind
We could see it in the distance
Getting closer every minute
We saw the lights and spiritual shining
Getting closer every minute
Then we skipped the rails, and we started to fail
And we folded you, and it’s not enough
Think about how close we came

I wanna walk like a giant on the land
I wanna walk like a giant on the land
Now I feel like a leaf floating in a atream

Whenever I see the big fire coming,
Coming to burn down all my ideas
I try to hold down to my thinking, and remember how it feels
When I’m looking right in your eyes
And hearing your happy laugh
When I’m seeing your blue eyes shining
And hear your happy laugh
So the moment came, and the big sky rained and
and a ṗool of fire served in my desire

(lyrics not complete)

2012 5 Aug

Alasdair Roberts – „Farewell Sorrow“

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Raise me high, raise me high,
That I may see my fallen kindred seated.
Who met with death upon the battlefield,
Who, in the end, fell and were defeated.

And the way they were tricked by death,
Betrayed, betrayed, leveled and mistreated.
I’ve stuck a knife in a man for less,
But Death is not so easily defeated.

And you can pray, pray and pray for Life.
But know my friend, my dearest friend, please know this,
That Life is but Death’s own right-hand man.
In every piece of his own left-hand business.

So, arm in arm, we’ll run toward that pair
And, we as they, join them double-threaded
And, arms flung wide, we’ll run towards that pair
And never fear that which once we dreaded.


„Farewell Sorrow“ (Video) – performed by Alasdair Roberts


2012 25 Jul


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A Song sung by James Taylor, from the Album Gorilla (1975):

Way down here you need a reason to move | Feel a fool running your stateside games | Lose your load, leave your mind behind, Baby James | Oh, Mexico – it sounds so simple I just got to go | The sun’s so hot I forgot to go home | Guess I’ll have to go now | „Americano“ got the sleepy eye | But his body’s still shaking like a live wire | Sleepy „Señorita“ with the eyes on fire | Oh, Mexico | It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low | Moon’s so bright like to light up the night | Make everything all right | Baby’s hungry and the money’s all gone | The folks back home don’t want to talk on the phone | She gets a long letter, sends back a postcard; times are hard | Oh, down in Mexico | I never really been so I don’t really know | Oh, Mexico | I guess I’ll have to go …

„Mexico“ reminds me of a guy I dated years ago. We broke up and while it wasn’t nice at the time, it’s a real relief now that some time has passed. Being „down in Mexico“ is being away from your troubles and escaping the pressures of real life. It’s dreaming of life beyond the current set of issues and relaxing in the moment where you know it’ll all end up okay. (megznz)

Our friends, The Bensons, invited us to Cabo San Lucas last April and each day we’d spend the day on the beach. At 3:00 each afternoon our friend put on his tape of JT singing this song. It was an anthem to our escape to paradise. James really put some heart into this song and the song is never dated. I believe it was written in the 70’s and here 30 years later is still applies to our visit to paradise. (jackdog)

I love this song … i remember going to a friend of the family’s house for parties and dinner and all the time we’d listen to james taylor … and little 7 year old me would sing and sing w/ this song for eve … dunno why but i love it … also … wheres all the comments … there are hardly any for any james taylor songs … come on guys. (mollyc)

(source of comments:

„Strange Overtones“ is a song recorded by David Byrne and Brian Eno, written by the duo with Leo Abrahams. It was released on August 4, 2008 by means of free download as the lead single from Byrne’s and Eno’s second collaborative studio album „Everything That Happens Will Happen Today“ (2008). „Strange Overtones“ is an uptempo electronic gospel song, and its lyrics explore the themes of humanity overcoming technology that are central to the album. (Wikipedia)

I wake up every morning | I hear your feet on the stairs | You’re in the next apartment | I hear you singing over there | This groove is out of fashion | These beats are 20 years old | I saw you lend a hand to | The ones out standing in the cold | Strange Overtones in the music you are playing | I’ll harmonize | It is strong and you are tough | But a heart is not enough | Put on your socks and mittens | It’s getting colder tonight | A snowball in my kitchen | I watched it melt before my eyes | Your song still needs a chorus | I know you’ll figure it out | The rising of the verses | A change of key will let you out | Strange overtones though they’re slightly out of fashion | I’ll harmonize | I see the music in your face | That your words cannot explain | Strange Overtones in the music you are playing | We’re not alone | It is strong and you are tough | But a heart is not enough …

2012 9 Mrz

A New Sylvian Song

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Baby’s putting on her make-up | Her mouth is swollen as arose | Countdown, she wraps her legs around him | Weightless, she’s taking off her clothes | Candy, colours in her pocket | Bright children hiding in their rooms | Soft toys spread across her pillows | Self-annihilation couldn’t come too soon | Where’s your gravity? | Where’s your mind? | Share your thoughts with me | Waste my time | Slow down, nothing’s gonna save you | Ice-cream dripping from your spoon | Oh, but come now, you’re always telling stories | Bare-foot, walking on the moon | Wake up, and someone’s bound to tell you | Your pretty face is gone to hell | So find them, something you can trade with | Hand-make something you can sell | Where’s your gravity? | Where´s your mind | Share your thoughts with me | Waste my time …

„Where´s Your Gravity?“ A VICTIM OF STARS ©2012 David Sylvian

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