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2014 20 Dez

Die stille Wüste

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Thomas Köners neue Klangkunstarbeit “Die stille Wüste – Meister Eckhart” hat am Sonntagabend 22. Dez um 0.05 Uhr Premiere. Eine Kinderstimme versucht die Eckhartschen Zeilen zu entziffern, und Thomas Köner interpretiert den obskuren Text als Kompositionsstrategie: Wie unterscheiden sich Klangfarben in einem Panorama, in dem alles Schatten ist und Nacht? Welche Tempi hat ein Fluss ohne Fließen? Gibt es ein Hören ohne Ohren, ein Sprechen ohne Laut?

Frühstück im Hotel, wie immer, nach fast durchgemachter Nacht, wenig Schlaf, und leichtes Schwebegefühl. Die drei Stunden im Sender vergingen fast im Flug, heute gab es das spezielle “Problem”, dass jüngst etliche Werke neu erschienen waren, die zu “Klanghorizonte-Klassikern” zählen (von Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, Thomas Köner, Fennesz). Und ich habe wenig Lust, dann immer die üblichen, naheliegenden Dinge zu erzählen. Also war heute ein bisschen “Storytelling” angesagt, von psychedelischen Badewannenerlebnissen, grünem Tee, dem berühmtesten Zebrastreifen der Welt – und Thomas Webers Geschichte “from north of the Kaiserstuhl” war ja auch nicht von schlechten Eltern. Im “comment 1″ die playlist der Radionacht.







2014 20 Dez

Me singing

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This is me singing. Singing a Joy Division song (with altered words) back in 2007. Tempus fugit, and no mistake. Lyrics:

Yes to the centre of the city where all roads meet waiting for you


And the depths of an ocean where all hope sank
Searching for you

I was running thru the silence without motion waiting for you

And I am like a ghost by the window in the corner.
I found truth

MP3 file here.

  1. Aphex Twin – Xmas_Evet10 [120][Thanaton3 Mix]
  2. Harold Budd – Jane 16 (For Pale Saints)
  3. Charcoal Owls – He’s Always In There
  4. Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band – Down River
  5. Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2]
  6. Russell Haswell & PAIN JERK – Electroacoustic Sludge Dither Transformation Smear Grind Decomposition nO!se File Exchange Mega Edit
  7. Claude Debussy – The Snow Is Dancing
  8. Edgard Varese – Octandre III: Grave
  9. The Style Council – Our Favourite Shop
  10. Korrupt Data – Cryogene
  11. Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis
  12. Terrence Parker – Saved Forever
  13. Hieroglyphic Being and the Configurative or Modular Me Trio- Strange Signs In The Skye
  14. Rustie – Velcro
  15. Squarepusher/Z-Machines – Sad Robot Goes Funny

2014 19 Dez

Songs of 2014 (top 15)

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  1. Charcoal Owls – Wild Cards
  2. Coldplay – Midnight
  3. Ghostface Killah – Love don’t Live Here No More
  4. Eno/Hyde – Daddy’s Car
  5. Young Fathers – Just Another Bullet
  6. YG – My N****
  7. Simple Minds – Blood Diamonds
  8. Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)
  9. The Style Council – It Didn’t Matter
  10. Sun Kil Moon – Ben’s My Friend
  11. The Durutti Column – The Rest of a Life
  12. The Twilight Sad – Last January
  13. DJ Mustard – Down on Me
  14. Peter Murphy – The Rose
  15. Daft Punk – Da Funk
  1. Eno & Hyde: “Return”
  2. Mirel Wagner: “The Dirt”
  3. Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus: “Ripper Silk”
  4. True Detective: “Title Song”
  5. Leonard Cohen: “Almost Like The Blues”
  6. Eno & Hyde: “To Us All”
  7. Marianne Faitfull: “Late Victorian Holocaust”
  8. Sun Kil Moon: “Carissa”
  9. Damon Albarn: “Hollow Pounds”
  10. Scott Walker & Sunn O))): “Lullaby”
  11. Lucinda Williams: “Cold Day In Hell”
  12. James Yorkston: “Guy Fawke’s Signature”
  13. Future Islands: “Seasons (Waiting On You)”



Zumindest Stefan Schneider ist ja Altdüsseldorfer und kennt die Stadt und ihre Musikgeschichte bestens, auch als Teil von To Rococo Rot. Nun erscheint im Januar 2015 bei “bureau b” ein Duo-Album von Stefan Schneider mit dem Perkussionisten und Multiinstrumentalisten Sven Kacirek, und es ist mehr als ein Nachspiel alter Düsseldorfer Zeiten, ihre spezielle Verarbeitung kenianischer Rhythmuswelten. Dass auf einem Stück noch ein Musiker mitwirkt, der einst in den 80ern bei Fela Kuti mitwirkte, ist eine zusätzliche kleine Freude. Das Hauptquartier von Bureau B formuliert es so (als gewisse Abgrenzung vom “alten Stoff”) – und, ja, das Album Shadow Documents machte mir beim ersten Hören grosse Freude:

“The duo’s modus operandi differs from that of renowned Krautrock pairings such as Dieter Moebius/Mani Neumeier or Michael Rother/Klaus Dinger (= NEU!), where the drum kit plays a dominant role as the driving force. With Schneider and Kacirek, drums mutate into a sort of synthesizer instrument, almost subliminally melting into the sound of other instruments as a virtual observer, adding a certain nuance here and there, rather than performing a more catalytic function. Synthesizers, meanwhile, assume many of the percussive duties.”




Kammerflimmer Kollektief / Arve Henriksen & Terje Isungset / Thomas Köner / Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus / Daniel Lanois / The Hilliard Ensemble / Daniel Lanois / Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus / Anouar Brahem / Robin Williamson / Nils Okland, Per Steinar Lie, Orjan Haaland / The Beatles / Jon Hassell & Brian Eno / Sun Ra / John Coltrane / Robert Wyatt / Björk & Robert Wyatt / John Cage (on Obscure Records) / Brian Eno / Brian Eno / Thomas Köner / (Christian) Fennesz / Thomas Köner / David Sylvian with Fennesz / Thomas Köner / Fennesz / Thomas Köner / Fennesz


- Seems to be “old school”-“Klanghorizonte” with the usual suspects.

- Yes. Sort of. And, yet, there are surprises, believe me, twists and turns, and a kind of wilderness that will make this a journey full of erosion, falling apart, and moments of unflinched yearning.

- Campfires, too?

- If you believe in campfires, make one for yourself, take your long black coat (your famous blue raincoat would work fine, too), and put your old transistor radio besides the fire. That will do the trick!

“It is illegal to cross German pedestrian crossings when the red pedestrian light is on. Offenders risk a fine and payment of all costs in the event of an accident.”


In the UK, I look at the traffic ‘stop’ light rather than the pedestrian ‘go’ light to inform my road-crossing decisions. I guess the problem is that with unfamiliar lights at unfamiliar angles, you mistake one for the other. Anarchic though the UK may seem, it has a very low rate of road traffic mortality – arguably the lowest in the world. Probably down to the fact that the cities’ roads are so choked that nothing passes faster than about 4 miles an hour. I once spent £17 on a taxi from Euston to Liverpool Street that took over 45 minutes. 3 miles, if that. Could have made the journey on foot in around the same time.

The incident happened on Jülicher Straße, Düsseldorf, April 2013. I crossed the road. A BMW beeped so loudly and insistently that I knew immediately I’d done something wrong. Broken some crucial rule. Blasphemed in the church of the place where the tyre meets the tarmac. Embarrassment poured into my soul like a the contents of a boiling saucepan knocked off a stove, (or some equally daft simile).

In the UK, the BMW beeper would have just seen me through the rearview mirror either shrugging “what gives?” or (more likely) flicking the V-sign. Just an ordinary set-to, no offence taken or given, despite the beep and the V-sign. On Jülicher Straße, though, I just swallow my sharp momentary discomfort and walk the fuck on.

Some time later (the next day, I think it was) I am in Derendorf, and I walk past this scene:

And I laugh. And no motor beeps back.

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