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Fargo (season 3)



„I know this is a word I’ve used a lot recently in writing about the best shows on TV – „Better Call Saul“, “The Leftovers” – but I’m reminded again that the best shows of the current era are the most confident shows. These are the programs that never feel eager to please or desperate to produce a reaction. They are the product of creative voices working at the top of their game, not a committee of producers trying to increase ratings. The premiere of “Fargo” features scenes that go on much longer than “average TV,” as Hawley plays with rhythm and expectations. In many ways, Hawley has become a master chef. You know what you’re expecting when you order, but he adds unique, surprising personal touches that distinguish his work from anyone else’s. “Fargo” is back and it’s still just as fun, shocking and brilliant as anything on television. Television is dominated with shows about people who escape their bad decisions or about crimes that are easily solved. “Fargo” is not that show. And it’s all the better for it.“


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