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2017 24 Jun

After 20 Years

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„OK Computer never stopped sounding timeless. In its new form as OKNOTOK, unreleased songs feed off beloved B-sides, forming a web that supports the concrete themes of the original album so as to make its points even sharper. For a record of technological dread and personable anxieties, it never felt so good to be reminded of what a dystopia the future could become — a future we’re already living in — and how predictable our very existence is that we already know how it’s going to end. Perhaps Radiohead’s greatest feat with this record wasn’t predicting the future, but accepting it. They don’t welcome it warmly. Rather, they accept it as an inevitable evil, and the intimacy that comes with peace of mind like that can be heard from top to bottom, all the way down to a the knowledge that the only option is to move forward, no matter how harrowing that direction may be.“

(Nina Corcoran, consequence of sound)



2017 21 Jun

Jeff Tweedy’s quiet hour

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„Laminated Cat“ (Video)


Als Jeff Tweedy mit seinem Sohn tourte, war es eine „family affair“, nichts Grosses, allenfalls vermittelten mir die Tweedys einen Hauch von Truthahn und Hinterhöfen der Kindheit. Immerhin, eine Herzenssache, Wilco blieb die aufregendere Welt, und mich wundert nach wie vor, dass in den Köpfen so vieler Daddies mit nicht völlig entschärftem Hippiebewusstsein so selten der gezielte Koboldsprung von den Eagles zu Wilco geglückt ist. Gut, ich gebe zu, es ist ein kleiner Umstieg vom „Hotel California“ ins „Yankee Hotel Foxtrot“. Wilco ist eine fantastische amerikanische Rockband, welche immer schon unvergessliche Stimmungen, experimentelle Kraftfelder, und Melodien der Marke „heartbreaking“ unter einen Stetson brachte.

Wenn Jeff Tweedy nun allein mit Gitarre und Harmonika in einen Loft, mit dezent analoger Aufnahmetechnik, die „coffee table“-Version ausgewählter Lieder aus Jahrzehnten auftischt, nehmen Innerlichkeit und eine Portion Verwundbarkeit die Position der Risikozonen an diverse Grenzen getriebener Sounds ein (kein Glenn Kotche, kein Nels Cline in der Nähe), nur das Mikrofon, die Lieder, und der geneigte Zuhörer. „Together At Last“ erscheint diesen Freitag, und aus reiner Sentimentalität (ich liebe Wilco und den Songschmied) empfehle ich die Vinylversion. Dass von  Neil Young in Kürze ein lang in den Archiven schlummerndes nächtliches Solosingen aus dem Jahre 1976 das Licht erblickt, passt richtig gut ins Bild. (m.e.)


Richard Harrington gehört als DCI Mathias zu den leidgeprüftesten Ermittlern der jüngeren englischen Kriminalserien. Selbst seine Kollegen in Broadchurch besitzen, zumindest in Momenten, einen trockenen Humor. Sie müssen in den vier Staffeln der walisischen Serie HINTERLAND  lange nach den Spuren eines Lächelns suchen. Da die betörend langsam erzählten Geschichten fortlaufend im Dunkeln forschen und im Dunkeln stranden, wirken auch die Landschaften recht trostlos, und was immer hier für ein „product placement“ betrieben wurde, das walisische Tourismusbüro hatte bestimmt nichts beizusteuern.

Dabei schwärmen manche Freunde von Wales, von den Küstenstreifen, den Rad- und Wandertouren, und sogar von der walisischen Küche. Bevor also der Toyota nach Dover übersetzt, mit E-Bikes, mit den Mailadressen von Alison Statton (sie arbeitet als Physiotherapeutin in ihrer alten Stadt) und den Brüdern Jones von Crescent im leichten Gepäck (ihre wundervolle neue CD Resin Pockets kommt natürlich mit, neben dem Klassiker YMG!),  studiere ich in Ruhe Landkarten, Wegführer, die passende Begleitlektüre (nein, nicht Dylan Thomas, vielmehr Adrian McKinty!), und etliche Empfehlungen des geschätzten Richard Harrington, die nach Aberystwyth führen, und ins wahre Hinterland. (m.e.)


Sunset and low tide at Ynyslas beach, north of Borth


„What I really like to do is go to Borth, which is north of Aberystwyth on the coast, and walk the sand dunes of nearby Ynyslas. It’s an extraordinary place, very mystical. It takes you back to the fundamentals of life. Borth also has an animalarium with meerkats, a black panther and reptiles all looked after by these bohemians. The kids love it up there.“

„I love the coastal path that goes through Aberystwyth. I’m a keen runner and 15 miles up and down that is better than any marathon. I did the Marathon des Sables [a six-day ultramarathon] a couple of years ago in the desert and I did most of my training here.

„Aber has a Welsh-speaking community but it’s a multicultural town because of the university. So you’ve got scholars walking around, hippies walking around, creative people walking around… It’s a place for everyone. It’s almost like a festival. If I didn’t have commitments elsewhere and if I was approaching 65, I would think about coming here to retire.“

„The Glen on the seafront has one of the best sun terraces I’ve ever seen and the view is absolutely stunning. It’s a lovely pub: very friendly, good food, exotic beers. There are some great bars for sport and the rugby club is always good fun if there’s a game on. There’s about 30 pubs in Aber, all in all.“

„The arts thrive here. There’s poetry, music, loads of Welsh folklore. When we finish work, I like to play music. There are a lot of virtuoso musicians on the crew and our Hinter-band plays the pubs of Aberystwyth. I play the drums and sing.

„The world’s first camera obscura was built in Aberystwyth in 1880.“

„I love the springtime here because you can almost see the Irish Sea calming, instead of spitting and snarling at you every waking moment. It has no desire to come and reclaim the land. And I like the magic hour in the springtime: when the light gets very bleak before night falls. It’s a fantastic time to shoot. It looks extraordinary – almost like a dream.“

„Go to Charlies hardware store. I can go to Charlies and stay there all day without buying a thing. It’s tool porn. I might be proving my age here. Opposite Charlies, there’s a really good restaurant called Medina. It’s an Ottolenghi sort of place where you can pick up a picnic. There’s a friendly fishmongers right next to it who have a gorgeous little restaurant down in the harbour called Pysgoty.“

„You can surf at Aberystwyth or up the coast at Borth. I haven’t surfed here yet but I do like to go and watch them.“

„There’s another lovely place called Baravin down on the front. „Bara“ means bread and „vin“ is obviously French for wine. They serve all sorts: oysters, pizzas, lovely salads, a great array of beer and wines. I just wish I had more time off to indulge.“


2017 18 Jun

Some Time Ago (1980)

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2017 17 Jun

Some time ago (1980)

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(from Wandermüde © 2012)

„I remember sitting on my bedroom floor, playing Low over and over again. It was one particular track that really resonated with me, which was ‚Subterraneans‘. My love of space and texture probably established itself in that moment. As a kid I remember thinking to myself, ‚I wonder what he’s trying to tell me in these lyrics?‘ in that extraordinary language that he created for this piece. I honestly believed that if I could decode the lyrics that I would get the keys to the gate. I interviewed him a couple of times and I did have the opportunity to talk to him about the lyrics to ‚Subterraneans‘ but I decided not to, actively so. I didn’t want a straight answer. I love the idea of being lost inside that mystery and having to solve it personally and I’m still trying to do that, I return to it over and over again.

One of Bowie’s favourite artists was Francis Bacon and his greatest quote was, „it’s the job of the artist to deepen the mystery“ and it was just something that Bowie excelled at, no matter how much he gave, which was so much of himself in every dimension. The element of mystery still superseded everything. I think texturally, definitely, that was the seed for me. That beautiful atmosphere that Eno creates as that track rolls out. At that age, I hadn’t experienced anything like that in my life, so it touched me very, very profoundly. For me one of the primary reasons to buy an album has always been the artwork and I remember seeing his face, that beautiful image of him, his head and shoulders sideways facing on and the orange glow all around him. I thought, ‚I need to know who this man is'“.

2017 26 Mai

Beware of Brutter

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„For all its seeming randomness, music like this doesn’t just happen. What might seem on the surface like chance events are actually compositional strategies (even when they are also, at least partly, chance events too). We have to credit the broad range of experience in the varied careers of Christian Wallumrød (born 1971) and Fredrik Wallumrød (born 1973) as both composers and instrumentalists (in other lives Christian is a pianist; Fredrik a drummer; both have long and impressive discographies). They take joint credit for all of the contents of ‘Reveal and Rise’, co-composing and playing drum machines, synths and electronics.“

(Hubro Headquarter)


Man könnte auch sagen: „Beware of the dog!“ Man ist selber dafür verantwortlich, was passiert, wenn man sich auf diese Platte einlässt. Es ist weder Free Jazz noch Free Techno oder Norwegian Death Metal, es ist schlicht eine unheimliche Vibrationsdichte in diesen Stücken, die wenig Raum zwischen Flucht- und Suchtreflexen lässt. Ganz anders, aber die gleiche Klasse wie das erste Album der Battles. (m.e.)

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