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Herr Wundersam wunderte sich so sehr, dass ihm die Schüssel mit Salat aus der Hand glitt. Er konnte sie nicht aufheben, denn er wunderte sich nun ausgiebig über das Zerschellte.


The winds of grace are always blowing, so we must set our sails high” (Charles Lloyd)


Seducing the seducer – a conversational navaid to Bangsonics

Punkt Seminar [cues/keywords] Jan Bang



this magical, singing machine … sirene



go the flow

fly and freeze, getting tranced

fishing in the dark

mixing fright remixed


the unkown ungraspable making it happen




danger areas

here & now – long ago



emanating, paving paths for germination


this magical, singing machine … sirene

strings’ appeal


why not just sit on a rock, bang with a piece of wood and sing along with the wind …

Review Narrative From The Subtropics


A few quotes from my review on AAJ. The album has just been released officially in Germany! A bit later than in Norway.

“His approach has increased the liquidity and permeability of sounds, as well as the (in)determinacy and (in)definiteness of musical form. Bang is one of those rare electronic musicians who does not use a laptop onstage, but—without staring at a screen—creates live brilliant new music just with the button-box of an Akai sampler and a simple dictaphone.”
“Bang is a master of assembling and synthesizing harmonic musical wholes from music fragments, plops, bleeps, crackling, creaks, rustle and sough. He sculpts creations of high melodic content that radiate through several layers. The sounds on Narrative seem to well up from the realms of the subconscious, carried by this twilight zone. It’s a world of sound that resembles the experience of (fever) dreams and in certain forms of cinema, in which laws of time and space seem to be shifting or are lifted. It’s a remote world of sound coming pretty close with its flurries of mild horror, equally brilliant sunrises and glowing utopian flashes.”
“There is an undeniable Wahlverwandtschaft, an affinity between the ambient nature of this ancient song and Bang’s music, and one reason that Tormis and Sega Choir Noorus, also from Estonia, were guests at the 2010 Punkt Festival. Bang used “Singer’s Childhood” recently, with surprising results, in the encore of his duo concert with Jason Moran at the 2013 Molde Jazz Festival.”
“The essence is that these traces in their sound arise from the fog of the past, from the subconscious and fade as remote voices, voices from a distant past (there is a certain resemblance to the approach of Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov). No imitation, no quote, no mix but a matter of deeper connecting.”
“To avoid turning into ghost-music, the way of transporting, and the quality of the ether, are essential. Both are of impressive character and exceptional quality.” 
 And here is the link to the first review of Erik Honoré’s brandnew album HELIOGRAPHS, released september 5 with a release concert during the Punkt Festival 2014.

2014 15 Aug


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2014 14 Aug


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Andalusischer Hirte, Cowboy, Gaucho, vor ein paar Tagen
aufgenommen von dem Saxophonisten Luc Houtkamp
VIDEO - ohne Soundtrack

2014 14 Aug

Les Bes 3

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Les Belges … paff 3

VIDEO No Deal – The Flow



de Biasio

2014 13 Aug

Jean-Jacques Avenel

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Jean-Jacques Avenel, a bassist with a big big ‘B’ has gone. He’s in the heart of many, he will be sorely missed. I was lucky to see him live a couple of times. And was impressed
deeply, longstanding. He was the bassist of group of Steve Lacy. That’s where I saw him first. And later with Benoît Delbecq. He had it all in a special way, rhythm, melody, tone,
earthy power. And, he was a great kora player with a deep knowledge of West African music.

Jean-Jacques Avenel – Waraba (2004)
The encounter of the famous French string bass player Jean-Jacques Avenel with Lansiné Kouyaté, Yakouba Sissokho (kora) and Moriba Koïta (ngoni), encouraged him to found the group “Waraba” (lion). The flutist Michel Édelin also joined the group. Published in 2004, Waraba valorizes the complementary features of strings, balafon and flute music, building a harmonious and peaceful universe

I am just listening to THE SIXTH JUMP, a trio of Benoît Delbecq, Avenel and the Congolesian drummer Emile Biayenda. Very deep vibe and high resonance. Moving music. Ghostly beautiful. Released on Canadian Songlines Label.

VIDEO Studio recording La Muse en Circuit 7 and 8 July 2008
VIDEO JJ Avenel solo Jazzdor 2011

Manchmal kommt man an einen Gebrauchsgegenstand, den man nicht mehr missen möchte. So als ob man einander gefunden hat, unzertrennlich.

Dieses Messer ist so ein täglicher Gebrauchsgenosse. Seit beinahe 30 Jahren. Unschlagbar, nicht verdrängbar, haltbar, an die Hand und ans Herz gewachsen. Seit beinahe 30 Jahren. Allerdings nicht geeignet für Flisch, Fleisch und Fisch, Brot oder Pudding.

Es fällt schon auseinander, dieses Adressbuch. Manche Adressen dadrin sind schon dreimal überklebt. Übertragung, Migration in ein neues Adressbuch oder ins Digitale?

Bis jetzt nie gelungen. Es liegt immer noch griffbereit auf dem Schreibtisch. Und bestimmte Telefonnummern und Adressen sind in dem zerfledderten Exemplar am schnellsten zu finden. Schneller als digital. Wahrscheinlich auch – unbewusst – vom Grundgefühl her angenehmer. Immer auch ein Griff in Vorgeschichte und den Hauch von Geschichten, die eher von handgeschriebenen Adressendaten aktiviert werden. Es fällt schon auseinander, dieses Adressbuch. Manche Adressen dadrin sind schon dreimal überklebt. Übertragung, Migration in ein neues Adressbuch oder ins Digitale?


Anlässlich Erscheinen des Films Arrows Into Infinity von Dorothy Darr und Jeffery Morse auf DVD

• Spielliste • RADIO, august 30, concertzender
Charles Lloyd + Billy Higgins – Which Way Is East

Wild Orchids Bloom
Tenor saxophone/drums

The Forest
Flute, Maracas, Shaker, Voice

A Wild And Holy Band
Alto saxophone, drums/whistle

Alto flute, alto saxophone

Blues Tinge
Guitar, voice

Sally Sunflower Whitecloud
bass flute, maracas/hand drum, shakers

My Lord, my Lord
Tibetan oboe/Syrian one string, voice

Windy Mountain
Tenor saxophone. drums

Perfume of The Desert
Tenor saxophone, drums

Tibetan oboe, hand drum

Guitar, voice

Forever Dance
Flute, maracas, Juno’s wood box, voice

Atman Alone Abides
Taragato, hand drum

Sea of Tranquility
Photo © Dorothy Darr

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