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The ensemble played music of serene translucent spaciousness, suffused by richly swirling and fluttering instrumental colors. At first listen, the ensemble’s abundant sound, its light flow and gently (pro)pulsing rhythmical undercurrent felt familiar, like a warm breeze, but also radiated a kind of remote arcane sensation still carefully to be uncovered. Gradually this was revealed in the second piece that … READ MORE

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Träume säumen ist ihre Lieblingsbeschäftigung.
Sie geht ihr nach, wann immer sie kann.
Und wenn’s nicht geht, träumt sie davon.

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Er grub und grub, bis er merkte,
dass er grub. Aber er fragte sich nicht,
warum er grub. Deswegen grub er ja.
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2014 26 Jul

Les Bes 3

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toutes les bonnes choses vont par trois … alors!
Les Belges … paff 3

quatre mains (Following Sea)

2014 26 Jul

Les Bes 2

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Les Belges … paff 2

Black Dog Day

2014 26 Jul

Les Bes 1

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Les Belges … paff 1

chic et pas cher

When he plays he is deeply involved in his own process, yet he gives the impression that he is playing for each member of the audience personally. That is maybe important–not to get lost, even for an accomplished musician such as Kühn, in an endless rain of tones and sound.

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2014 24 Jul

Ljubljana Lisbon Porto

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Ljubljana has the oldest jazzfestival in Europe, Lisbon the oldest jazzclub and the woman playing trumpet is from Porto …

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Percussionists do not have just one clearly recognizable instrument but, instead, a lot of devices and materials with which to make sound. Every percussionist therefore has his/her very own collection and set up which makes them all look differently. Zlatko Kaučič is the percussive gardener or, put differently, a percussionist who is “gardening” his sounds. This is a specification due to his posture when playing percussion: he is knelt like a gardener in a plant bed. That offers him a special range to use devices in a specific way. One of the specialties in that performance was a table zither on the left side behind him, which he would strum with his left hand while banging different devices in front of himself with his right.

Kaučič has been working in Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands for longer periods and has collaborated with musicians and groups of a greater variety of styles and genres. More recently he has worked with the likes of Stefano Battaglia, Javier Girotto, Evan Parker, Saadet Türkoz and Paul McCandless of the group Oregon. He has an impressive discography which means he is highly respected among fellow musicians, but is a bit underrated and not so well known yet in the media and by audiences.
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2014 23 Jul

Schlag im Sommer 2014

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Schon heftig, was heute hier in den Niederlanden abgeht.

Die Orte, aus denen die Opfer kommen, sind über das ganze Land verteilt.
Und es sind natürlich ganze Familien, die dabei ausgelöscht wurden.

Windmühle im Trauerstand

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