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2015 30 Mrz

Strings with wings #1

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Strings with wings, in cool waters … What to expect when … ???

When you take a variety of string instruments like violin, hardanger fiddle, viola d’amore, contrabass and augment it with saxophone, harmonium, vibraphone/percussion – what you think you will hear, what you think it will sound, what you think you get?

When string-player Nils Økland brings together Mats Eilertsen, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, Sigbjørn Apeland and Håkon Stene, what do you expect will happen, what do you expect it will sound?

What you get, is a highly confluent, post electronic sound produced purely acoustical based on strong folk music themes. It is less a flickering and pumping broad/big flow but more an undulatory ebb and flow thing.

The acoustic feeling and its dynamics, the purely acoustical stretching creates a sound that is just stupefying when brought by the delicate playing of these five master musicians – a strong crew working for the sake of Økland’s music and musical ideas and he himself a daring musician who succeeded in seducing the musicians to play this daring and unique beautiful music. Extraordinary music, music without parallel!

Extended techniques are fully in service of the pulsating and elegantly undulating sound. With its sophisticated fine tuning this music surmounts many sorts of emanating electronic music. A questions of when doing what with which power and intensity.

This new group of six musicians, Nils Økland Ensemble, will release its first album soon. The musicians all involved deeply here know each other very well from various collaborations.

to be continued
Foto 1 and 2 ©FoBo

2015 30 Mrz


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look who’s playing here – wonderful, intense, impressing concert – never heard something like that before (new album coming out soon)


2015 30 Mrz

strings with wings

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Great Sunday morning concert with the fabulous Nils Økland. At Vossajazz with Henning Bolte, Mats Eilertsen, Håkon Stene, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, Sigbjørn Apeland.

You don’t know what love is – Ella Fitzgerald

You don’t know what love is – Nina Simone


Find Fund Fand … Simon Barker

John Cage liegend, Pierre Schaeffer als Cary Grant und Karlheinz als Zettelmann …
Gelüftet, was sich 1958 auf dem Photo von (p)fund(s)tücke 1 in Brüssel versammelte

Karlheinz drehte den Zettel um und schon stand John Cage …

Und wo sind inzwischen Mauricio Kagel und Bruno Maderna geblieben?

In 1958 Cage gave two lectures in Europe, the first at Darmstadt, titled simply “Indeterminacy”, the second in Brussels called “Indeterminacy: New Aspect of Form in Instrumental and Electronic Music”. This second lecture consisted of a number of short stories (originally 30), each story read by Cage in exactly one minute.

Und es passierte noch weit mehr damals in Brüssel. Stichworte: Philips Paviljon, Edgar Varèse, Iannis Xenakis … . Das ist dann eine weitere Geschichte.

Fundstück war das erste Photo ohne Angaben zu den abgebildeten Personen. Nur Jahreszahl und Ort. Zur Suche HIER.

2015 10 Mrz


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Poses, poses
That’s all you are to me
Roses, roses
That’s all you’re offering me

And now I wish to God that
The earth would turn cold
And my heart would forget it’s made of glass
And all the pretty tulips would disappear
And never disturb me again

You gave me my very first gun
I’ll go out and hunt the hidden dome
With white foxes, with white foxes

Hunger, hunger is the purest sin
It is empty church in a crowded bin
I’ve wept and I’ve stumbled
I fought and I craved
For the gravy of your soul
But all I want to do now is walk along
Down barren trees in fields of snow

You gave me my very first gun
I’ll go out and hunt the hidden dome
With white foxes, with white foxes
Freeze, freeze

My eye is my sanctuary

(Susanne Sundfør)

2015 10 Mrz

(p)fund(s)tücke 1a

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Cary Grant, nein, der stand da nicht (Rock Hudson auch nicht). Grant trieb sich in selbiger Zeit woanders herum, z.B.hier

Zurück zu (p)fund(s)tücke 1: wer findet etwas?
Es darf weiter gerätselt und gesucht werden! Bin gespannt …
Auf jeden Fall geschah damals in Brüssel etwas für (komponierte) Musik Eingreifendes.

2015 9 Mrz

(p)fund(s)tücke 1

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