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Dominic Miller: Silent Light


Fragmented reviews, thoughts and comments – the album will be released on April 7th (cd and vinyl) 


According to some background paper, two ECM-guitar classics are mentioned as cornerstones or inspirations, Pat Metheny’s OFFRAMP, and Egberto Gismonti’s SOLO. And these classics ARE classics.

Far from being a rip-off from those albums, this forthcoming album is delivered with astonishing simplicity. Do I like it, yes, will I love it, I will see. You can call it easy music, without the connotations of easy listening. Though it is easy to listen to. On several pieces a percussion player adds to this music of air and space. It is even more spacious then the most spacious guitar-percussion album in the ECM-archives, the stellar debut of Steve Tibbetts and Marc Anderson, NORTHERN SONG.

I can honestly say that this record does attract me in its own peculiar ways, not by its amount of intricacies, but by it’s play with air, breathing nothingness (to avoid the word silence) – and, sorry to repeat myself, simplicity. A matter of elegance. What will Joey think about it, what will Brian W. say? Or write? Even Brian E. could surrender listening to all its empty corners. (me)


„I´m curious about that record. For a long time now I appreciate the guitar playing of Dominic Miller as the sideman of Sting. He puts all songs to a higher level, with great life performance qualities as well. Even in playing Police tunes (Roxanne-chords sharp as a knife) he does better than Andy Summers ever did. There are similarities to Robert Fripp – not in the way of playing repetitive patterns but beeing a rock guitarist with a zen-like, classical influenced discipline and also in escorting a singer while not beeing one by himself.“ (js)



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