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2017 23 Dez

Film Shelvies

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I have no intention to become either inspired or productive; to the contrary I intend to sit in the dark at night in my big black leather chair staring out at the Hollywood Hills like a man gazing on an approaching tsunami. Here comes the present. On my monitor I run the same movies over and over with the sound off: The Bad and the Beautiful, Out of the Past, Pandora´s Box, I Walked with a Zombie. Studying the films in my shelf, Ventura remarks that I don´t own any funny ones. “What the hell are you talking about?” I answered in outrage. “You don´t think Scarlett Express is a funny movie? You don´t thing Detour is a funny movie?” Last time I was up the hall in Ventura´s apartment I took a look at his film shelf, and there´s a guy who doesn´t own a single funny movie – except Charlie Chaplin, and he and I both know he doesn´t watch City Lights because he thinks it´s funny, he watches it because he think it´s profound. The truth is I don´t own anything but funny movies. Every one of them is hysterical.

Steve Erickson: Amnesiascope


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