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2017 1 Dez

Some love it, good acting anyway, but

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THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES, on Netflix, a movie, and, gosh, how boring in my eyes. Can anyone tell me what‘s this pointed at? Minority opinion :) – on the other end of moving pictures, the land of series, sequels and surrender, I fell, 2017, with a sharp and thinking eye, and broader sentiments, for the gorgeous three seasons of THE LEFTOVERS, the complete four seasons of HALT AND CATCH FIRE – and, surprise, STRANGER THINGS 2 (easily lives up to the opening season, fantastic soundtracking, by the way, the title melody softly alludes to THE X-FILES). Honorary mentions (I learned the word here) for a church organ album from the near future, recorded in Suffolk (!) that made me often forget to hear exactly that, a church organ, being that playful, non-directive and inventive. A propos Suffolk: DETECTORISTS 3 is on my What-I-love-to-do-on-Christmas-list. And TWIN PEAKS 3. Who dares to say the magic wouldn‘t work anymore …


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2 Kommentare

  1. Lajla Nizinski:

    Twin Peaks 3 wird dir gefallen.

    David Lynch’s Lithographien sind hier in einer Galerie ausgestellt. Ich hörte einen Besucher sagen: Twin Peaks 3 ist für die Augen eines Malers ein Fest.“

  2. ijb:

    What Realistic Film Dialogue Sounds Like

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