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2017 30 Nov

Another deep jazz album 2017

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It was yesterday, after my return from Prague, that a record waited for me to be played. The musicians: Brian Blade, drums, Jon Cowherd, piano, harmonium, mellotron, Chris Thomas, bass, Melvin Butler, tenor saxophone, Myron Walden, alto saxophone and bass clarinet, Dave Devine, guitar. Dave Devine wouldn‘t be my favourite name, if I were a guitar player :) The whole group is a long time affair and its full name is Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band. „Body and Shadow“ is the title, some critics miss the body, dislike the shadows. This fantastic album is full of quiet textures, carefully dosed outbursts, folk- and gospel-tinged laments that all rise from the deep bottom of a well called fucked-up America, a land that has never really entered the stage of a „post rassistic“ era. Thank you for these thirty-something blue minutes, fellows – all bodies fully awake, all shadows (slowly) dancing!


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  1. Brian Whistler:

    I’ll definitely check this one out. I have liked what I’ve herd from the Brian Blade fellowship.

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